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K9 training offers a variety of services.

Behavior Modification


Behavior problems are the #1 reason dogs wiind up in shelters every day.

Seperation anxiety, biting, fear and socialization issues only scratch the surface of behavior modification. Aggression over food, toward people and other animals is also a major concern with our dogs.

A certified behaviorist and expert in behavior modification, Marty has been successfully dealing with the "psyche" of dogs for over 30 years.

Puppy Kindergarten


When new puppies come home, they have no idea what is expected, all they know is they are in a strange place and out of sorts. Puppy kindergarten starts you and your puppy off on the right track immediately.

Establishing "rules of the road" with puppies, as with children, is important. Teaching the puppy what we want, will help him settle in and open up communication right away.

When and where to relieve himself, when to eat, where to sleep, just to name a few, makes living with a puppy easy. Establishing these rules prevents the puppy from developing bad habits and instills good behavior. This also gives the puppy a feeling of accomplishment and lets him feel he is part of the pack. This is the precursor to formal obedience training, a great way to start any puppy off on the right foot.

Marty's Dog Training Program

Training, in your home or ours:

When a dog is trained, it is usually done in your home. On occassion, some people want their dog trained away from home. Wether you are going on vacation or just need a little down time, your dog can come to us for training. Your dog will stay with us for a period of about two weeks, living in our home with our family. Each dog is different, so no matter where your dog is trained, the program will be tailored to you and your dog's specific needs.

Training at Marty's Home:

Our Training Program is designed to socialize your dog, build confidence and to help with the problem of separation anxiety. This program is unique, because your pet would be living in a home setting for a period of days. No concrete or chain link!! During training, your pet will learn and respond to obedience commands such as heel, sit, stay, down, place and come. This program also includes housebreaking, crate training, and any behavior problems that need to be addressed.

Learn to Understand Your Dog

Marty will teach you how to understand your dog.

Dogs, like children, are all individuals and can't be lumped into a standardized "BOX METHOD" when it comes to learning. Dog trainers, like teachers shouldn't limit themselves to one standardized method of training. Marty's training methods are tailored to you and your dog. He steps "Out Of The BOX" when it comes to teaching. Each dog learns differently and at his own pace, if teachers limit themselves to one method then a child will not be brought to his full potential, the same goes for your dog.

Marty will not limit the dog's ability to learn by using one method of training, nor will he limit himself by putting on blinders and saying there is only one way to train a dog. If we limit ourselves as trainers, then we limit the dog's ability to learn.


Puppies and Trained Adults From Some Of The TOP BREEDERS In Europe And The United States.

German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, Belgium Malinous And Presa Canarios From The Top Bloodlines In The World. Take A Look At The Superior Puppies Available: (Pedigrees Available Upon Request)



Once your dog's training is complete, you have a lifetime guarantee for both you and your dog.

If your dog regresses he/she will be reworked at no charge, as long as you own the dog. All we ask to keep your guarantee is to follow what we show you.

As well as a lifetime training guarantee we also provide unlimited lessons for you and your dog.


Because every dog is different training cannot be limited to a preset number of lessons. Each dog is given as many training sessions as needed until training is completed.


You the owner will be given as many lessons as needed until your handling skills are perfected. Call today 914-329-0918

Protection Training


Protection training has NOTHING to do with creating a vicious dog, or a dog that wants to attack people. A properly trained dog should be friendly and social around people, not an uncontrollable beast. Dogs that are properly trained live with families and children.

Dogs that are trained to protect, are loving pets who are ready to put themselves between their family members and any threat. Laying around the house with the kids all day but keeping a watchful eye at night, an alarm that never breaks, always there for his or her family 24/7. A loyal companion that can't be used against you like a gun can, a visual deterrent that will stop the most determined bad guy.

Unfortunately Home Invasions, Burglary, Assault, and Child Abductions are a very real threat in today's world. Protect yourself, your home, your family. DON'T LIVE IN FEAR.

Obedience Training

Does your dog have any of the following problems: PULLING • BITING • JUMPING HOUSEBREAKING • CHEWING • AGGRESSION

Living with a dog that responds and respects his owners is imperative. Our obedience course teaches your dog to not only follow commands but to look at their people as "pack leaders". The oldest member of the family to the youngest should be a "leader" in the dog's eyes.

Your dog will learn to heel, sit, lie down, stay, come when called and the very important "place command".

Although following commands is key, it is only part of the program, teaching an "obedient attitude" is exteremly important. A dog that has an "obedient attitude" is a pleasure to live with and further opens up the lines of communication between dogs and their people.

About Marty Rogers

Marty started his Dog Training Career in 1983 when he enrolled in the infamous Jack Healy’s K-9 Command Dogs, located in Manhattan. Marty studied under different master trainers at the school who had degrees in both animal and child psychology. Mr. Healy served as a consultant to different foreign governments and law enforcement agencies considered by all as the “Go To” authority in the art of dog training. Marty went on to work at the school after graduation. Captain Haggerty and Marty RogersDuring the early years of Marty’s career, he met the “Grandfather Of Dog Training”, Captain Arthur Haggerty.

Captain Haggerty joined the United States Army in 1950 and was the Commanding Officer for the 25th. & 26th. Scout Dog Platoons. After he finished his tours of service, he returned to New York where he opened Captain Haggerty’s School for Dogs. The first professional dog training school in the USA. Captain Haggerty trained dogs for security work, films, television and, of course, obedience training dogs and puppies for families. Marty worked with the Captain for a number of years and in 1990, When Captain Haggerty left New York and relocated to California, Marty took over Captain Haggerty’s Security Dog Rental Service. We lost Captain Haggerty in 2006, a tremendous loss for the dog world.

Marty continues to keep up the high level of professionalism, instilled in him by his mentors. He has gone on to have dogs on television and publications including the Soap Opera All My Children, New Yorker Magazine and various Rock and Roll/Rap Videos, along with writing articles for Dog World Magazine. He also teaches various law enforcement agencies How To Handle Aggressive Dogs and Animal Cruelty Investigations and Enforcement.


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Protection Dogs

Marty has years of experience training protection dogs.

Large Breeds

Marty works with all size breeds. Marty himself owns a large breed dog.

K9 Training Lifetime Guarantee

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Lifetime Guarantee

Call today 914-329-0918 about our lifetime guarantee.

Unlimited Lessons

Dogs are different, so training cannot be limited to a preset number of lessons.

Dogs for Sale

European puppies and dogs from some of the top breeders are for sale.

Celebrity Clients

Marty Rogers is highly sought after for his dog training abilities.

  • Former US President

    Bill Clinton

    Former US President Bill Clinton trusted his dogs with Marty Rogers. Marty was able to completely work the Clinton's dog into an obedient part of the family. After the tragic loss of buddy in 2002 the Clintons were given Seamus, Buddy's great nephew. Seamus was a bit of a handful, a very outgoing social dog, always happy and ready to go. His last mishap was when he tore the sleeve off a secret service agent's coat, that was when Marty was called in by the Clintons. After Marty evaluated the dog and realized the task at hand, he and Seamus got right to work. The most important command the Clinton's wanted for Seamus was a realiable recall. A recall is when the owner or handler of a dog calls him back from a distance when he runs off or is just wandering around.

    Poor Buddy ran out after a contractor who was working at the house, just wanting to play with his friend. The staff called after Buddy to come back but he was determined to see his pal. Buddy ran out after the van belonging to the contractor on to rt. 117 and met with his tragic death. This is not what the Clintons wanted for Seamus. Losing a pet, a loving member of the family, is horrible - especially if it can be prevented. This is a common problem that most dog owners have, their dog won't come back when asked.

    After Seamus finished up his training course with Marty, he was completely trained and listened to everyone's requests whether he was on or off his leash. In fact, Marty got a follow up call thanking him again after Barbara Walters interviewed Hillary Rodham Clinton with a staff of 60 people, at the Chappaqua home. Seamus was a total gentleman the entire time.

  • Actress and Singer

    Vanessa Williams

    Congo and Cayman were adopted when they were puppies at an event called Broadway Barks! In New York City. Although Vanessa was supposed to present the twin, sibling pups to the crowd and encourage someone to adopt them, she couldn't resist and took them home. At 6 weeks old, these little darlings were nothing more than two little bundles of wrinkles, but the two labrador/shar-pei mixes have done a lot of growing up after coming into Vanessa's home.

    Sebastian, Vanessa's ten year old shih tzu, hated the puppies. Things were a little crazy in the William's home. Marty was immediately called in to deal with the problems. Marty worked with the dogs and started them off with puppy kindergarten, a course that puppies, to young for formal obedience training, go through to put them on the right track and teach them the "rules of the road". After that life with the puppies was a lot easier. Although Sebastian was still a little upset he had to share his mommy with the new kids on the block !!

  • The Radio Chick

    Leslie Gold

    "The Radio Chick" came to Marty to train her dog. The Radio Chick is the on-air name for Leslie Gold, an American radio personality whose talk show features comedian Chuck Nice and her producer, Paul "Butch" Brennan. Leslie is a co-founder of from which she currently broadcasts. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and The Harvard Business School.

    Leslie Gold (The Radio Chick) is a huge animal lover. When Leslie got Gomez, her beautiful vizsla puppy, she needed help. Housebreaking, jumping and general manners is essential for any dog, especially a dog that lives in Manhattan.

    To acomplish this, Leslie called in Marty to help her puppy. Gomez went to live with Marty for about three weeks and learned how to be a responsible canine citizen. After Leslie's follow up handling lessons with marty and her dog, things were A OK for Leslie and Gomez.

  • News Anchor

    Tim Fleischer

    Tim is an Award winning Correspondent and News Anchor. Tim Fleischer is the definitive street reporter, with more than 25 years experience, covering major news events-both domestic and foreign.

    Tim and his wife rescued a wonderful little choclate labrador mix and took him home to live with them and their female yellow labrador. Both dogs had a couple of issues: not wanting to walk up stairs, pulling on a leash, jumping etc. After the Fleischers called in Marty, the problems were well on their way (to disappearing). After working with the Fleischers and their dogs, they were one big happy family.

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